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Launch Powershell in Tmux with -NoLogo Argument

I recently switched to Powershell as my main shell on Linux and MacOS and I couldn’t find any examples online on how to launch Powershell Core, pwsh, in tmux with the -NoLogo argument. So this is my quick solution to that.

I placed this at the beginning of my ~/.tmux.conf:

if-shell "bash -c 'echo ${SHELL} | grep -q pwsh'" "set -g default-command 'pwsh -NoLogo'"

This will run a check using BASH (because if I’m running a system with tmux installed, it will likely have bash installed as well) to see if Powershell Core is my default shell. If it is, then tmux will use pwsh -NoLogo as its default command.

Written on November 13, 2022

linux tmux pwsh nologo banner powershell core