heywoodlh thoughts

heywoodlh tech stack

Core principles:

Unix-like development powered by Nix flakes

Nix runs on MacOS and Linux and can configure everything!

The following projects allow me to codify various environments:

I store all of my configurations in the following repositories:

When possible, I try to make my tooling modular and operating system agnostic. This allows me to reap the benefits of Nix anywhere as long as I can run Nix.

Command line tools

I use Vim for all of my writing, and Tmux for productivity.


The following tools are visible in the above image:

Try out my Vim configuration on Linux!

curl -L 'https://github.com/heywoodlh/flakes/releases/download/appimages/vim-x86_64.appimage' -o /tmp/vim
chmod +x /tmp/vim


Or my Fish configuration:

curl -L 'https://github.com/heywoodlh/flakes/releases/download/appimages/fish-x86_64.appimage' -o /tmp/fish
chmod +x /tmp/fish


(Other appimage releases for x86 and ARM64 are here)

Terminal emulators

iTerm on MacOS:


GNOME Terminal and Guake on Linux:


Firefox configuration


Home-Manager configuration in this screenshot:

Honorable mentions

Yabai for tiling windows on MacOS and my config

SKHD for custom keyboard shortcuts on MacOS and my config

My GNOME flake

Vimium for Vim-like keybindings in Firefox

Shortcat for Vim-like keybindings to navigate MacOS

SketchyBar and my config

Ergodox EZ keyboard

Back-end stack

The following components are absolutely essential for powering my home lab: