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Running OpenVAS on Kali Nethunter

This post will document how I got OpenVAS running on Kali Nethunter running on my OnePlus One.

Install Dependencies: #

apt-get update &&\
	apt-get install -y openvas supervisor

Create necessary directories for the services we will need:

mkdir -p /var/run/redis-openvas/
mkdir -p /run/ospd/

Setup Supervisord: #

We’re gonna use supervisord to run the services needed for OpenVAS. You could also use the Kali Nethunter Manager to manage the services but I like this approach better.

This is what my /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf looks like:


files = /etc/supervisor/conf.d/*.conf

Then I created a new file /etc/supervisor/conf.d/openvas.conf with the following content:

command=/usr/bin/redis-server /etc/redis/redis-openvas.conf

command=/usr/bin/ospd-openvas --unix-socket /run/ospd/ospd.sock --pid-file /run/ospd/ospd-openvas.pid --log-file /var/log/gvm/ospd-openvas.log --lock-file-dir /var/lib/openvas

command=/usr/sbin/gvmd --osp-vt-update=/run/ospd/ospd.sock

A note on Postgres #

Other important applications, such as Metasploit, in Kali rely on Postgres. OpenVAS can also use Postgres (or SQLite3) as its database back-end. Nethunter Manager has a predefined service for Postgres so I would recommend starting the service using the Nethunter Manager app – especially since other applications like Metasploit use Postgres.

Supervisord service in Nethunter Manager #

Add a new service for supervisord in the Kali Nethunter Manager app with the following info:

Title: supervisord

Command for starting the service: /usr/bin/supervisord -c /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf

Command for stopping the service: /usr/bin/killall supervisord

String for checking the service: supervisord

If you want supervisord and OpenVAS to run on the boot of Kali Nethunter then check the box for RunOnChrootStart.

Position to insert: Insert to Bottom

Start the service

Setup OpenVAS: #

Run the following command to do some initial setup of the databases:

Written on August 9, 2021

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