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Kubernetes Resources

An not-comprehensive and biased list of Kubernetes resources that I have found useful

Kubernetes distributions #

Development clusters #

  • Minikube: official tool for easily deploying test clusters
  • kind: Kubernetes in Docker
  • k3d: k3s in Docker
  • microk8s: Canonical’s Kubernetes distribution packaged via Snap

Tools/applications #

Command line #

Note: most Kubernetes client tools on a machine reference the same config file at $HOME/.kube/config

  • kubectl: official Kubernetes command line client
  • k9s: terminal-based Kubernetes UI – makes it much easier to quickly visualize what’s in your cluster
  • helm: ecosystem for easily distributing/consuming applications via Kubernetes
  • OpenTofu: open source fork of Terraform for deploying clusters (lots of tooling around deploying Kubernetes in various cloud providers with Terraform/OpenTofu)

Management #

  • Rancher: suite of tools for easily managing Kubernetes deployments:
    • Longhorn: Kubernetes storage made easy

Continuous Deployment tools for codifying K8s deployments: #

Development helpers #

Misc #

Learning resources/references #

Misc #

My homelab Kubernetes deployments are templated with Nix here: https://github.com/heywoodlh/flakes/tree/main/kube

My GitHub Star Containers list: https://github.com/stars/heywoodlh/lists/containers

Written on April 26, 2024

kubernetes learning